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How to Paint a Room

Since 1952, our interior painters have been performing quality home and business painting services.  A fresh coat of paint is sometimes all that is needed to add warmth or modernize the inside spaces of your property.  From walls and ceilings to trim work and cabinetry, our skilled team of tradesmen can transform your home or business from worn and outdated to refreshed and contemporary. 

The space in which you live or conduct your business should always be a place that is not only comfortable and inviting but also an outward expression of who you are as a person or company.  Chipped, cracked and out of vogue paint colors can date an environment or make it an uninviting atmosphere for both you and your customers.  Your home is supposed to be your sanctuary, after all, and your place of business is supposed to be designed to attract buyers, generate sales and earn profits.

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Call our interior painters today if you are considering a makeover for your home or business.  Our experts can help you refresh the appearance of your property. We can give your advice on reworking your color scheme and transform your home or business into a showroom that is both attractive and inviting. 

  • Our team can help you completely change the look of your property with a virtually endless array of bold, contemporary colors and a variety of flat, satin, gloss and faux finishes.  At Combs Painting, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of state of the art faux finishing services, and we offer the following:
  • Interior Painting Washington
  • Crackle finishes for a multilayered, sophisticated finish
  • Leaf texturing for a calming and natural atmosphere
  • Tissue paper texturing for a soft, interior stucco effect
  • Textured fresco for adding old-world warmth and charm
  • Smooth fresco for a subtly rustic appeal
  • High polish fresco for an opulent old-world stone effect
  • Smooth metallic finishes provide sleek and polished accents
  • Brushed metallic finishes provide the look of shimmering silk
  • Textured metallic finishes provide the look of luxury
  • Marble painting techniques add a sense of grandeur and affluence
  • Our interior painters can provide you with the faux finishing techniques and traditional painting services that you are looking for.

Give us a call today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your project!

Our interior painters can help you weigh your options and design a color palette for you whether you are considering a complete renovation and remodel of your property or simply thinking about bringing your home or business back to life.  We have worked with smooth and textured surfaces, high walls, acoustic ceilings, cabinets, doors, base boards and crown molding.

You name it, and we have probably prepped it, primed it, painted it or stained it – beautifully and professionally.  We do not simply come into your home and begin to apply pigment. We make a complete inspection of the walls and other surfaces that we will be addressing and thoroughly prepare them for the color that will be applied.  This includes repairing drywall as well as stripping and cleaning old paint.

Our team can also save you hundreds and even thousands of dollars on kitchen and bathroom cabinet replacements with some moderate carpentry repairs and a bit of paint, stain and varnish. We can also help you fall in love with your home all over again or make the atmosphere of your business more inviting.  We do not just apply color; we create comfortable and engaging spaces where guests can kick back and relax or conduct business in contemporary, breathtaking style.

For interior painters, call 360-887-2009 or 360-834-0362 now
We can provide you with a free estimate of your project

Combs Painting provides quality customer service and guaranteed results for business and homeowners in need of interior painters in Vancouver, Camas, Longview and Washougal, Washington. We also perform interior services throughout Portland, Oregon.