Dramatic Change in 7 Days!

Cherry cabinets are beautiful but over time they can become dented, dark and scratched beyond repair. Water damage near the sink and grease around the stove top can darken the finish. Built in ovens can create steam that also damages the finish. Our customer wanted a clean brighter kitchen after 15 years of the dark cherry cabinets with minimal disruption. She loved the idea that she did not have to empty all her cupboards or drawers. Our process is customer friendly. Day one is removing the doors and drawer faces to be taken to our shop. Day two is washing the cabinet boxes with TSP and sanding. We also do any bondo work for deep scratch repair. Day three is priming and painting the boxes. While one person is prepping the boxes in place, another painter is in the shop doing all the same steps with the doors and drawer faces. While the boxes are painted by hand using a brush and special roller, the doors and drawer faces are sprayed in our shop for an incredibly smooth finish.One week from start to finish and Denise now has a whole new kitchen!

Jimmiesue Combs